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Professional Tools

Practice Management Resources
Access the information you need to better manage your practice and your clients.

Client Letter and Checklist Templates
Customizable Templates for the Upcoming Filing Season

Practice Management Resources from
GEAR UP Speaker David Krebs

GEAR UP's practice management authority shares the resources that improve your success every filing season including engagement letters, financial calculators and more!

Sample Engagement Letters and Guidance

Engagement Letters for the 1040 Tax Client
Download and Save: MS Word 1040 Template You Can Customize

Are Client Engagement Letters Important?

Accounting Engagement Letter Samples

Tax Engagement and Report Letter Samples

Generic Engagement Letter Samples

Management and Revenue-Generating Tools

Implementing a Work-from-Home System for Your Office
COVID has changed 'the game' AND provides opportunities to improve efficiencies, expand services, and generate revenue to replace what has been lost during the pandemic.

How to Maintain Security When Employees Work Remotely
A primer on using cloud storage and security systems to protect your data.

How to Secure Your Video Conferencing System from a Hacker
Securing Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Cisco-WebEx, Adobe Connect, GoToMeeting, and Slack Systems from hackers .

Great Succession Planning Aids
Don't risk losing the value you've worked hard to build in your business because you didn't devise and work a succession plan.

Revisit the Employee or Independent Contractor Question
The Pandemic has brought immense challenges AND a possible opportunity for you and your clients.

Building the Post-Pandemic Practice
Take advantage of the industry shifts to be more profitable and to increase resale value. 

Seven Keys to a Building and Expanding a Successful Tax Practice
The Pandemic has created opportunity to update and expand your tax services for more profitability. 

Practice Data Security Aids and Protocols
The IRS requires a data security plan and system for all PTIN holders and MTAP has created
the aids and templates to help you create or revise your practice plan.

Accounts Receivables: How to Get Them Paid

Solving the Hiring Dilemma in a Competitive Market

Top 10 Hiring Tips for the Small Practice

How to Prepare for the IRS Audit

Dealing with IRS Notices

Conducting a Client Audit and Sample Checklist

Records Retention Schedule

Helping Clients with Small Business Capitalization Loans

Helping Clients with Unsecured Business Loans

Business Loans for 'Bad Credit' Clients

More Practice Growth Resources
Practical, "how-to" insights into marketing your business.

Is it Time to Add Accounting Services to Your Practice?
Lost tax preparation revenues under the TCJA require an assessment

Five Keys to Effective Practice Management

Debt Consolidation Services as a Revenue Builder  

Great Client Handout: Want to Start a Business? (Checklist)

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